Myanmar VS. S. KOREA Analysis


Three points! But Korea has some work to do.

Against a weak team, I expected must higher standard of performance. Despite the win, it was disappointing to see no goals scored from an open-play.

Myanmar, unsurprisingly, sat back and packed everyone in defense. Did they defend well?

myanmar defense 6

They were all over the place, disorganized in shape, and looked clueless when they had the ball. For the first 15 minutes, Korea moved the ball well and really used the space that Myanmar players gave. I gathered some clips in first 15 minutes that were good moments for Korea. I also gathered how Korea completely loses what they were doing after that first 15 minutes. (See the video below and please feel free to comment on my analysis.)

Playing defense for 90 minutes is a very difficult task both mentally and physically. That being said, Korea needed to stay patient for the other team to make the mistake and keep the ball moving to open up space. In all, with urgency to go to goal and stay on guard to penalize Myanmar whenever they make the mistake.

There was no sense of urgency: rushing movements, forcing passes, eating up teammates’ space, taking too long to pass, and even walking…Instead of forcing mistakes, players over-committed in defense and created space for the opponent players. 

Myanmar, despite being indiscipline in defense and harmless in attack, somehow managed to stay in the game for a long period of time.

In all of this, Ki Sung Yueng was missed as he has been the one keeping the ball moving and distributing to open space behind defenders. (Ki missed the game due to a minor surgery on his knee last May.)

As game went on, Son Heung Min had to fill in that role. However Son is a type of player who’s much more preferred to be on the end of attack, firing goals.

Korea plays the 4-2-3-1 system, but it ends up being the 4-4-2 with two center midfielders’ playing holding. Time to time, I would see so much gap in between the striker and the center midfielders. I’ve seen this problem before in different games.

Korea should consider placing Ki in that attacking center midfielder position behind the striker as he has developed his game to whole another level with Swansea last season. He will fill in that space and bring in more creativity in attack.

I hope to watch as many as Korean games I can and update you how the Korean team is evolving and developing for the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Again, feel free to comment on things you agree/disagree.


4 thoughts on “Myanmar VS. S. KOREA Analysis

  1. luld have been more goals scored from an open-play, though it still seems quite encouraging to see both goals scored from the set piece(one corner and one free-kick), since most of the teams S.Korea team will play against in round 1 and 2 will, much like Myanmar, defend deep, and the set play will be the easiest way to score, if well prepared. Also, regarding the open-play, having Ki in the field will be the game-changer. But, I am a bit skeptical about whether placing him in the attacking center midfielder will be the best fit for him and the team. It might be worth trying, but given that Swansea and Korea team had such different squads, and no one seems to be able to replace him in the holding midfielder position, it seems to be a better option to have him placed in the deep lying play-maker.

    1. Yes. It’s important to see goals from set pieces, but against a weak team when Korea dominates possession, there must be goals from open-plays. Korea must do better when they have the ball. Against Myanmar, they were too simplistic and static in offense. Look at Germany and Spain, they know how to wear teams out. Just last week, there was Gibraltar VS. Germany. It’s a great example on how to force other team to make the mistake. They scored 7! With regards to Ki, you bring up a good point. Swansea and Korea have different squads. In games when we are up against a weaker team, I think it’s worth the risk to put him up little more to put some spice into our attack. Appreciate your comment!

  2. The first couple of lines are missing in the previous reply. I said: “Overall, it’s a good analysis. I really enjoyed reading it. Good job, Chisoo! 🙂 I can’t agree more with your point that there should been more….”

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